Secret messagin' bottles for the crrrrew

Now that the King be eyein' us all, qTox is a simple method o' pipsquawkin' so's you can have a gar with the lads, without any suspicious sort o' peepin' by spies.

Idears o' qTox

qTox is constructed so's you can keep up with yer mates 'n' close ones, without havin' any sort o' privacy violations.
While other shipmakers are beggin' a pretty pence for their services, qTox is free both gold-wise, and as in runnin'-free freedom.
That is, yer free to do whatever you wish like with qTox.

Speedy letterin', view-talkin' with all yer mates, and plenty a more


Parchment Bottles

No sort o' drink in these, laddies, but they be the best of the secure communicatin' these days.


Keep track of yer crew, with free long-talkin's to all yer mates.

Crystals o' Far-Seein'

I know not what manner o' witch they done tricked into givin' up her secrets, but they done did it.

Secured Rightwise

qTox be's solemnly meditatin' on yer securin'.
With Royal-Quality encryption, you can sleep easy knowin' that the only lads eyein' yer messages are the ones you send them off at.

Ease o' Usin'

Not like other methods o' secure messagin', qTox don't necessitate learnin' all sort o' witchcraft and witchery to use it. qTox comes fresh out o' the shipyard with simple-like workin' board, so you can be focusin' on your conversations.


qTox is both free for you to make a use of, and free for you to change. Yer completely free to both use and modify qTox to yer needins. And tackin' on, qTox will never harass you an' yer crew with adverrrtisements, or require you to pay up for features..