Version 1.17.3 has been released. It contains primarily a fix for qTox not starting on macOS Big Sur. It also contains dependency updates for Windows, flatpak, and macOS. There are no other major improvements or bug fixes as part of this release since we wanted to get it out quickly to resolve the major macOS issue without risking regressions. Other bug fixes and improvements are still being worked on, and will be released in the future either as part of a planned patch release or a minor feature release.

Features and fixes

  • qTox can now run on macOS Big Sur
  • Updated deps

Full changelog:

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People who contributed code to this release (in random order):

  • Vincas Dargis
  • Anthony Bilinski
  • Maxim Biro
  • Douglas Rhine
  • Jimi Huotari

Thanks to every contributor!