Stability improvements and security fix

Hi, qTox fans! 1.15.0 is now released with many bug fixes, a couple minor features, as well as updating to the recently released toxcore 0.2.2, with important security fixes.

Features and fixes

The most interesting are (see the changelog for a full list):

  • don’t save own messages when history is disabled
    • Bug was present in v1.14.0 and v1.1.14.1. If you have been running with history disabled on those versions, you can remove your history by enabling then disabling “Keep chat history” in settings.
  • fixed many crashes
  • fixed distorted audio when gain is non-default
  • improved translations from our wonderful contributors at weblate
  • reduced memory usage
  • added ability to disable LAN discovery and disable notifications
  • added support for higher res (1440p and 4k) webcams


People who have helped with this release (in random order):

  • Arman
  • eclipseo
  • All of our translators at weblate
  • Anthony Bilinski
  • tox-user
  • Maxim Biro
  • sudden6
  • Horace Bianchon

Thanks to everyone who contributed!