Great release; great news

We again made this release cycle a bit longer, mostly due to everybody being on holiday. Thanks to many contributions this release has some very nice new features besides the usual bug fixes and refactoring.

goggly cat

New features

Notable are:

  • The integration of the an EXIF library, to automatically display images with correct orientation
  • Mass import contacts from a file
  • A new command line switch to open the login window instead of a profile.

Experimental echo cancelling

We integrated an experimental audio backend that provides echo cancelling for when you’re using qTox with the integrated mic and speaker of a laptop. If the hardware/software combination supports it, there is a new checkbox in the audio settings. Feedback on how it’s working is highly appreciated!

Build system

One of the first commits after this release has removed the file, so for the main program qTox is exclusively using cmake now. Thanks to nurupo we now have a pretty solid cross-compiling process for Windows and also a good looking Jenkins setup. On the Linux side there has been some progress by anthonybilinski with setting up packages on the OpenSUSE-Buildservice, which will hopefully bring back regular Linux packages.

The usual stuff

Of course qTox also received the usual ton of fixes in this release cycle, the details can be found in our changelog.


33 people contributed to this release. Kudos to them! :-)

  • tux3
  • Иван Пенев
  • Jonas del Campo
  • Attila Farkas
  • anonymous
  • sudden6
  • anthony.bilinski
  • remussatala
  • LittleVulpix
  • Nikolay Korotkiy
  • Jonatan Nyberg
  • positronium
  • drswinghead
  • Sonic Doom
  • tWido
  • Diadlo
  • cnzhx
  • Yuri
  • Kristjan Räts
  • prhtnsm
  • Zetok Zalbavar
  • Nils Fenner
  • Viktar Vauchkevich
  • Lionel HANNEQUIN
  • Gergely
  • Maxim Biro
  • Karl
  • Pan Efem
  • Moo
  • Guillaume Precioso
  • noavarice
  • Vincas Dargis
  • Allan Nordhøy

Listed in random order.

Thanks to everybody who made this release happen!