Delayed but better

Altough this release is delayed by one week, two handy new features made it into qTox this release. First you can now mark messages with a tripple click and second you can now automatically accept groupchat invites from select contacts.

party hard cat

New translations

Thanks to user remussatala who translated qTox to Romanian more users can now enjoy qTox in their native language.

Tons of fixes

Of course qTox also received the usual ton of fixes in this release cycle, the details can be found in our changelog.


26 people contributed to this release. Kudos to them! :-)

  • Nikolay Korotkiy
  • DX37
  • remussatala
  • Α Ω
  • Guillaume Precioso
  • sudden6
  • Moo
  • Maxim Kurnosenko
  • anonymous
  • Yuri
  • Flemming Richter
  • Jonatan Nyberg
  • Victorhck
  • ati3
  • fred
  • noavarice
  • Kaur Männamaa
  • Viktar Vauchkevich
  • tux3
  • alexrazinkov
  • NWeyand
  • Diadlo
  • ezavod
  • cnzhx
  • Zetok Zalbavar
  • Vlad

Listed in random order.

Thanks to everybody who made this release happen!