Outdated Linux packages

As many of you noticed, the packages for Linux in the openSUSE Build Service repository are quite outdated. Our long time maintainer, abbat, can’t maintain the OBS packages any longer, so we’re looking for help.

What do I have to do?

Packaging work is mostly about keeping bash scripts for the builds up to date. Most of them have already been written, but things break every now and then or need small adjustments.

For release packages the most work is probably one week before the release with making sure that all the packages will build correctly and one to two weeks after the release, when all the bug reports about broken packages come in ;)

qTox releases happen every 6 weeks and their planned dates are published here.

I want!

If you’re interested in helping your favourite FOSS project or want to know more, take a look at this github issue or ping Diadlo, sudden6 or zetok on the #qtox @ freenode IRC channel.