Bug in the updater

A bug in the updater code rendered qTox versions 1.6 and 1.5 unable to perform an update on Windows.

no dashing through cat

Sadly, there is no way to fix or work around it.

If you’re a Windows user, you’ll need to manually install the newest qTox version.

v1.7.0 release

Due to the speeded up release cycle, 1.7 is a slightly smaller release. Some bugs were fixed and there were some small UI improvements. For details, refer to the changelog.

31 people contributed to this release. Kudos to them! :-)


Aside from numerous updates to the already available translations, initial Korean and Pirate translations have been added. Arr!

Switch to TokTok

For some time toxcore’s development was halted. The TokTok project helped with the situation by revitalizing development.

qTox 1.7 targets TokTok/c-toxcore’s version 0.1 instead of irungentoo/toxcore.

One of the small UI improvements is an option in the right-click menu, shown upon clicking on the link in the chat. Small step for qTox, big leap for the usability.


People who made it happen :-)

  • hinodem
  • Zoltán Csáti
  • Viktar Vauchkevich
  • SkyzohKey
  • cnzhx
  • kehugter
  • Zetok Zalbavar
  • Twyz™ / Twyz
  • tux3
  • Jean Louis
  • NicoHood
  • Александр Григорьевич Исаев
  • ati3
  • pizzaiolo
  • AcidDragon (AcidNinjaFWHR)
  • Kaur Männamaa
  • sudden6
  • Diadlo
  • 박길송
  • Christian Stadelmann
  • Moo
  • Barnett Wong
  • Tiger tiger
  • Alaa Issa
  • Ab
  • Whod
  • TheNain38
  • promctagonist
  • Balazs
  • Nils Grundmann
  • Nils Fenner
  • iphydf
  • PKEv

Listed in random order.

Random quote

<sudden6> who cares about Christmas when it's qTox release day :P