Previous posts have been a bit lengthy. If someone felt tl;dr, this one is shorter, of course not because writing long blog posts is bothersome ;-)

Expired GPG key

Recently users of OBS that used Debian-based distributions were hit by a problem with the expired GPG key used to sign DEB packages.

The problem was quickly fixed, but not without some casualties. Manual work on your side will be required. Sorry about that.

Rebuilding cat in progress

You don’t even need to travel back in time in order to fix the problem. ;-D

Just use the following command to add the new GPG key:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 0xF2AA0B1E5EF8303B

Update, and get ready for newest qTox ;-)

v1.6.0 release


Increased font size

Helpful especially for Windows users. If you suffered because of tiny fonts, situation should now improve.

Auto-answer calls

Now you can automatically pick up video or audio call from selected contacts.

Settings redesign

Settings got what they deserved, but there is still room for improvements. If you have any ideas how else they could be made better, please make an issue with a proposal. This might sound a bit scary/bothersome, but it really isn’t. Even a screenshot with added arrows can be good enough, provided that reasoning about the change is included :-)

Breaking changes

None (that we know of). Testing week mentioned in the previous blog post passed away without any significant problems detected, so there should not be anything surprising out there.

Change log

Full changelog here.

Enjoy :-)